Turkey Trot becoming a tradition


Jonathon Markwort

While some people slept in on Thanksgiving morning, math teacher Ms. Stefanie Shooks worked her way through a five kilometer course in Detroit.

The 32nd annual Turkey Trot took place on Thanksgiving morning. The Turkey Trot event offers three different races for participants.

“There’s the Mashed Potato Mile, the Stuffing Strut, which is the 5k and the actual Turkey Trot is the 10k,” Ms. Shooks said. “I’m doing the Stuffing Strut.”

While some participants are aiming to win, Ms. Shooks has modest expecations for the race.

“I’m not in the best running shape of my life,” Ms. Shooks said. “My goal is to run all the way through without stopping.”

Some of the participants wear costumes to the event.

“I would love to dress up,” Ms. Shooks said. “I love it when people go all out. People go as Santa, elves, reindeer, turkeys and all sorts of random Halloween costumes.”

The Turkey Trot is starting to become an annual event for some participants.

“I like it as a tradition,” Ms. Shooks said. “It’s something that I like to do every year and I feel less guilty later that day during Thanksgiving dinner.”