Spanish 3 celebrates Day of The Dead in Mexicantown


Mrudula Sriram

On Friday, Oct. 31, Spanish 3 students traveled to Mexicantown, Detroit to experience the Day of the Dead celebration, while also learning some of the history and traditions behind the authentic Mexican holiday. Spanish teachers Ms. Beth East and Ms. Kathy Porembiak organized this field trip to give students a greater exposure to a Hispanic lifestyle that exists right here in Michigan.

“The overall significance of Mexicantown was for students to learn about the traditions of Day of the Dead and how the Mexicans celebrate people who have passed on,” Ms. East said. “It really shed light on death by looking at it through a different perspective, which is to mock, or celebrate death, rather than to mourn it.”

In addition to learning about Day of the Dead, students also expanded on their knowledge of Mexican culture by visiting traditional shops downtown.

“Going to the traditional Mexican bakery was definitely the highlight of the field trip for the kids, since they were able to smell and purchase amazing authentic baked goods handmade by people in the community,” Ms. East said. “ I felt like students gained more knowledge of the cultural differences when we went to a variety of traditional markets, between the types of products imported from Mexico, to what we find here in the United States.”

Though the weather wasn’t cooperative on the day of the trip, Ms. East thought it was a success.

“Even though it was cold and rainy that day, nobody really seemed to care about the weather,” said Ms. East. “People were so into shopping at the little handicraft stores, and just exploring the atmosphere and artistic murals the town had to offer.”