Working Students of Rochester


Lauren Wroza, Staff Writer

Students at Rochester are notoriously busy and our involvement has always been top tier. Our football games are always packed, students take plenty of difficult classes and are a part of our various clubs/sports teams. Is it worth it to add more onto our already busy schedules? 

As we are getting older, gaining more independence makes getting a job more appealing. Many students during their sophomore or junior year start considering getting a job. The variety of jobs hiring teenagers in the community allows for a range of fields to be explored. But again, why get a job? Many working Rochester students have opinions. 

Rochester Senior Eve Burcz works at Explore Yoga, Olive Garden and babysits. Her reason for working at Explore Yoga versus Olive Garden was very different. 

“I want to branch out and teach yoga classes,” Burcz said. She then added that she works at Olive Garden because her friends worked there. On the other hand, every other interviewee said that money was their main motivator. Although sometimes money is a necessity, for many it’s more directed for savings or enjoyment.

Students like Anjelina Yatooma and C.J. Nixon are among many who work for their family business. They both made it clear that they don’t plan on staying for too much longer and want to branch out. Many students said that they enjoy the jobs they are able to choose for themselves much better. 

“I get to experience different types of shows and being up in the cat walks,” Nixon says. For context, they work for a theater company. Although, be warned as a teen in the work world, some businesses may find it easier to pressure teens into working more hours.  

“The shifts I work are too long, especially at Olive Garden,” said Burcz. “Sometimes it becomes overwhelming after working through the entire weekend.”

 Many students say they have found ways to cope. Abby Georgi told us that she copes by prioritizing her “mental health over money.” Georgi works as an RCS swim instructor and added that she learned a lot about time management through her job. While Rida Akhtar, who works at American Eagle, says her communication skills grew through her job in retail. 

Our Rochester students agreed that if you are going to try to get a job (whether during the summer or school year) only do it if you enjoy it, don’t take too many hours unless you need to, keep a schedule and prioritize mental health over work.