Friday Nights at Rochester: The game, players and outfits


Sara Baylon, Staff Writer

 Every Friday night hundreds of people gather around Rochester high school’s stadium to witness one of our favorite weekly traditions, football games. RHS is known for showing support for its athletes and community every chance they get. Football isn’t the only aspect that makes Friday nights at campus so special. Rochester High is lucky to have amazing faculty and administrators who put on amazing events and bring every parent and student together to watch the game.

Football games would not be the same without Rochester’s famous student section. Known for the supportive chants and matching outfits,  the student section never fails to uplift the football team no matter the score. “Even though sometimes we don’t win all our games they’re still fun because the vibes are spectacular, everyone is there,” said senior Ella Wozniak. “We’re all dressed up and cheering and it is really fun having most of the student body together in one place,¨ said Wozniak. She mentioned recalling her excitement as a freshman looking forward to the day that she would be able to stand in the front rows of the stands and be able to wear the blue and white striped overalls that graduated seniors pass down to the incoming ones. Unity and tradition are the most important values of the student section, aside from getting loud.

Another way Rochester shows unity through its crowd is themes. Themes help the student section stand out in bright matching colors and outfits. Here at Rochester, we take the themes very seriously. In the past, we’ve done pink out in honor of breast cancer awareness in October, as well as ¨Wild west¨ where you’d find students in flannels and cowboy boots. 

¨Usually I start thinking about my outfit a couple of weeks in advance if I’m being honest,” adds senior Alaina Webb. “I start thinking about them at the beginning of the season, and buy a couple of things at the store as the weeks go by.” Planning an outfit for the game is done a week in advance and themes are released every week on Twitter, whether it be the USA, pink out, or blue out the, student section never fails to show out.

While we’re on the topic of themes, let’s talk about who is orchestrating them. The men behind the scenes of the student section themes belong to a group of 5 seniors called S.O.F. If you’re ever looking for them at an event, keep an eye out for a skull and crossbone flag. It’s important to note that S.O.F.  stands for “soldiers of fortune”. 

¨ The Purpose of SOF is to recognize the athletics program and the hard work athletes put in every day,” said S.O.F leader Drew Terenzi. “It Means a lot being a part of SOF, as a freshman I looked up to the leaders and wanted to be them and I hope I can have the same effect as the people before me.” S.O.F is a cherished tradition that every student and senior can benefit from, especially athletes at football games.

 Although the themes and tailgates are amazing ways fans can enjoy the game, football players also partake in awesome traditions. Out on the field, in the locker rooms, or at school, football players know the importance of keeping everyone together.