Fridays are for the Falcons

The tradition continues into 2022 as the Falcon Marching Band and Cheer Team kick off game days for the Rochester Football Team.


Kayla Mow, Staff Writer


Friday mornings at Rochester High School look very different from other mornings. On any regular morning, it is normal to hear the elevator music in the mall and watch as students make their way in laps around the school waiting for the first bell to ring. However, for the duration of football season, RHS students and staff members enter the school and immediately hear the award-winning Falcon Marching Band performing the Alma Mater, Fight Song, and other musical pieces. Students and staff members crowd over one another to get to the balcony in order to see the falcon football team, cheer team, and marching band all preparing for the game that is soon to come. 


Senior football player Noah Putrus says, “I love that we can create tradition on Friday mornings, this is definitely one that I am happy to have been a part of for the past 3 years.”


Not only does this tradition highlight the football and cheer teams, but it also gives light to the Falcon Marching Band. FMB members appreciate that they are included in this tradition because it gives them another opportunity for students and staff to see their performance every week.


When asked how it feels to be the front of what RHS students and staff see on Friday mornings, current senior Calum Doyle says, “Honestly it’s really nice because a lot of people will just stop and listen, and eventually we get everyone to clap along and sing the Alma Mater”. 


Another thing that makes this tradition shine is that you don’t have to be a participant in the performance on Friday mornings for this to mean something to you. 


Mr. Brian Marchand, a first year RHS teacher says, “My previous school didn’t do anything like that, I think it’s kind of neat that a lot of students will actually watch the band.” 


However, the tradition doesn’t lose its glory as you continue at RHS. After 11 years, Mrs. Sarah Thomas, a history teacher, is still blown away by the uniqueness and authenticity of this tradition here at Rochester. 


“I think that one of the coolest parts is seeing that the kids are all invested,” Thomas adds. “ I love that I get to watch students do something that they absolutely love.” 


Rochester High School stresses the importance of 3 things; character, tradition, and achievement. Not one of these 3 words means more than another, but down the road, after graduation, the traditions of Rochester High School will be hard to forget.