Ski club

RHS students head to Pine Knob Resort


Photo Courtesy of Carter Rupert

Jaemin Kim and Landon Henderson

Ski Club slides in for another year at Rochester High School. Many students join this popular club and make weekly trips to Pine Knob Ski Resort, located in Clarkston. Students have their own choice between skiing and snowboarding. The club is now led by Mr. Stanick, a science teacher and football coach at Rochester High School.

“There were no other available instructors to lead the ski club so I decided to take the job,” Mr. Stanick said. “And I also like to snowboard. I’ve taught a robotics team and a football team at my previous school, but this is my first time instructing this club.” 

Club members go to Pine Knob every Tuesday, from 3:30 to 9pm. Going as a club is cheaper than going by yourself, as well as going on the weekdays compared to the weekends. The only requirements for the club are a permission slip and buying the tickets to go every week. 

To dress for the cold weather, club members like to wear basic snow gear such as winter jackets, gloves, beanies, snow pants, helmets, and ski goggles. 

Visitors can rent helmets, skis and snowboards at the lodge. 

“Advanced members prefer to wear ski goggles,” Mr. Stanick said. “[Plus] I really like the ski masks [offered at Pine Knob].”
Pine Knob offers classes for beginners and experienced students who want to ski. In order to get to bigger and more difficult hills, you need to take classes at Pine Knob. Through this, you can work to earn patches that will grant you access to those challenging hills. Specific hills and ski lifts have certain colors based on their difficulties. 

“It’s not hard to ski,” Ski Club member Carter Rupert said. “You’ll be skiing in at least a day.” 

People are afraid that they might get injured while skiing, but an active club member assures that there is a low possibility of getting hurt with Pine Knob’s safety precautions. 

“It’s hard to hurt yourself,” Rupert said. “The only challenge while skiing is avoiding the staff on the hills.”
The Ski Club can be a great way to spend time outdoors in the winter while doing something fun. Members of this club are enjoying their Tuesdays gliding down the slopes, and are welcoming more students to join them at Pine Knob.