Overrated holiday foods

Which Christmas foods deserve their worth?


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Erica Proctor, Staff Writer

One of the biggest joys of Christmas is all the unique types of food and desserts commonly associated with family traditions and typically only available during the holiday season. Though some of these foods might be a treat for some people, some might not be very well-liked to others. So which foods are overrated and which are underrated? Which foods deserve to be avoided this season?

One holiday drink owes its popularity to the controversy it holds. Eggnog is either loved or hated as a Christmas drink, but which category does it deserve to fall under? 

“I’m not a fan of eggnog,” history teacher Mr. Robinson said. “I’ve never tried it, but the idea and looks of it doesn’t look or sound appetizing.” Eggnog is commonly made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks, and is known as a rich, sweet beverage. Usually, the egg part of the drink is what drives people away from it. The texture is somewhat custard-like and can be served warm or cold, but is most commonly served cold.

“I don’t like eggnog, the idea and starchiness of it grosses me out,” said freshman Giuliana Janow. 

According to YouGovAmerica.com, only about 25% of people in the U.S. say they enjoy drinking eggnog around the holidays. In addition, most people who reported liking eggnog are above the age of 65, and most under the age of 50 reported that they did not enjoy eggnog. All this makes eggnog an overrated Christmas food.

Apart from eggnog, candy canes are a sweet treat that people of all ages have enjoyed around the holidays. Candy canes currently come in a wide variety of flavors, from peppermint to pickles. Candy canes are made out of sugar and corn syrup and are made using a batch process. This consists of mixing and cooking the candy base, then forming the stick shapes and putting them in the appropriate packaging. First introduced in the 17th century, candy canes have been a favorite holiday candy for hundreds of years. Today, the candy cane makes up a significant amount of the $1.4 billion Christmas candy market. 

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“I like candy canes. My favorite flavors are the Jolly Rancher ones,” said Janow. 

Candy canes are sold at almost any grocery store and new flavors are introduced by candy manufacturers every year. Currently, there are 25 different flavors sold in the U.S. However, not all these flavors are considered delicious. According to therecipe.com, gravy pickle, clam, and chicken are some of the worst candy cane flavors. The most popular ones are apple pie, cinnabon, sugar plum, and of course, classic peppermint: the nation’s most popular candy cane flavor. Each year, around 1.7 billion candy canes are sold in America, which makes them deservable of being an underrated Christmas sweet. 

Gingerbread is used in many different ways around the holidays, and popular in cookies and houses. “I think gingerbread isn’t very good. I just like decorating gingerbread houses and cookies with my friends and family, but I never eat it,” said a sophomore at Rochester. “I don’t like the texture and taste of it. It doesn’t taste like a normal cookie.”

Gingerbread cookies are a crunchier, harder cookie that gets its flavor from using cinnamon, ginger, and molasses in the cookie batter. What makes them unique is that they are typically shaped like a gingerbread man. That tradition originated in the 16th century and is credited to Queen Elizabeth I, who impressed her visiting dignitaries by presenting them with a gingerbread cookie baked in their own likeness. Gingerbread houses have been a tradition since the early 1800’s and came to life in Germany. 

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Making houses is still a tradition in many families today, and though it may not be a treat for your tastebuds to enjoy, it can be something to enjoy with friends and family. 

“My family and I decorate gingerbread houses every year around Christmas,” said Mr. Robinson.

Despite the fact that many people have differing opinions about holiday foods, it’s safe to say that food can really bring friends and family together, and bring lots of joy around the holidays.