“Secrets” by Mary Lambert shows off quirky confidence


Allison Skelcy

She is not a typical pop star, she is not skinny nor is she the drunken-rehab primadonna that so many rock stars are made out to be. Mary Lambert is a self-loving singer who is has recently made a big splash in the media world. With her new single, “Secrets,” making the Top 100 charts on iTunes, she is making a name for herself.

The lyrics of the song include many personal doubts, which is seemingly unconventional content, however, I believe that it works well with her overall message. Lambert reveals both dark secrets and some light-hearted ones; she has bi-polar disorder, she’s gay and she loves her butt.

Mary Lambert seems to be someone who is genuinely attempting to change the way her audience thinks about themselves, and her. While her lyrics may seem pre-teen and angsty, the catchy beat and the relatable content make her a likable artist.

“Having an actual platform made me think about my motivations what I want to put out into the world,” Lambert says about her album, “Heart on My Sleeve.” “I like to describe ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ as a pop album with a conscience.”

She revealed she had five goals she wanted to achieve during her music career; have fun, create something catchy, create something that positively impacts the world, stay true to herself, and make money. These goals seem to be achieved, or well on their way to becoming true.

Before the release of the single “Secrets,” and her album “Heart on My Sleeve,” Mary Lambert had a long list of compilations with other famous artists, including Macklemore. Macklemore and Lambert recorded the song, “Same Love,” which was nominated for two Grammy Awards, where they also performed the song live.

“Secrets” is a great song to listen to if you’re looking for music with an upbeat, positive, ‘throw caution to the wind’ feel to it. “Secrets,” and it’s album, “Heart on My Sleeve,” can both be downloaded via iTunes or Amazon.*

*Piracy is a federal offense punishable by law, don’t pirate music-it’s theft. Support the artists by purchasing the music if you really enjoy it.