Advice Column

Talon’s input on your pressing questions


Erielle Ocampo, Opinion Editor

For this month’s issue we have decided to start a new column dedicated to helping anyone who needs advice on various topics they have on their mind.. Towards the start of the year, we sent out a google form anonymously asking people for anything they needed advice on and once we collected all of our responses, we got to work! Thank you to everyone who submitted responses, hope you enjoy it! 



College and the whole application process can be hectic. So we hope we can help! SAT and ACT preparation is a great thing to do with your down time. Khan Academy is a great place to find free prep questions. Also reaching out to older siblings, friends, and teachers for SAT books and advice is a great way to prepare yourself for the upcoming spring testing! College visits can also be really helpful when finalizing the process of where you want to go. Many colleges offer both online and in person tours where you can sightsee around the campus and see what a typical day is like during the school year. Another thing that many seniors have found helpful when doing the whole college application process is figuring out what you want to major in. Picking a major can help start off the whole process of essays, picking a college, and choosing what you want to do! There is no pressure of not knowing what you want to do quite yet but choosing a starter path can help you feel more confident during years to come! You’re always expanding your knowledge and learning, college is a great time for this. You’re constantly changing and that’s okay! This is a part of growing up and figuring out what you want to be and what you want to do.


“College Essays”: 

College essays can be overwhelming. I know for me, my mind is always so focused on what I can do to perfect these essays. But what I had to teach myself is that you can always perfect everything. First, I would plan out where I would want to take these essays. Reading the prompt then strategizing a plan can easily be the first steps to a great essay. Most people go through multiple drafts and different directions which is totally normal. Another thing many upperclassmen do is get others to read it. Whether it’s one of your past teachers, parents, or closer friends, having other perspectives can help find what parts of your essays are solid and what parts need more work. College essays are your chance to show these schools what you have to offer. Show them WHY you will be a great part of their community. Never be afraid to truly open up about yourself!


“Coming out. I’m gay. I’ve known for years and I’m not at all ashamed of who I am, but I’m afraid of the way my peers will perceive me if I came out. Not to be conceited but I’d consider myself well liked, and I don’t want to be miserable just because I wanted to be myself. My family knows, and so do those that are closest to me, but I can’t bring myself to tell anyone else. Should I bother trying?”:

“Coming out isn’t something that you should feel pressured to do until you want to,” said LGBTQIA+ member Lauren Teats “It’s totally normal to be scared because of the negative social stigma surrounding the community but it’s also good to normalize it and not let that fear overpower you! If you have a good support system with your friends and family, and you’re already well liked, chances are that others will support you as well. It’s normal to lose people in the process of coming out. I lost a lot of people who I considered friends, but that just means they weren’t meant to be there in the first place. There’s no pressure on coming out, and if you’re comfortable with who already knows then that’s okay! You don’t have to tell anyone else. If you think it’ll make you miserable, then don’t put yourself through that. What I did is just let it float around in the air- if people find out or know because someone told them, then they know and so be it! Most people will be proud of you and just want you to be happy!”