LGBTQ+ Afghan’s World

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Marta Svirgun, Staff Writer

Residents of Afghanistan are scared for their life, especially those part of the LGBTQ community. As things have gotten worse the climate has gotten more dangerous and has resulted in disarray.

  Some of the turmoil that has ensued so far has been discrimination, assault and rape, as well as harassments and arrest from authorities. Here, homosexuality is seen as taboo and indecent. In an interview with CNN, one of the Taliban’s top decision makers said the country will be run by “Sharia law and that’s it”. A Taliban judge says there are two punishments for homoesexuality, stoning or being crushed under a wall.

  Under prior control, homosexuality was punishable with two or more years in jail. People are in a constant state of fear now. CNN spoke with LGBTQ Afghans who say they heard reports of friends, partners and members of the community being attacked and raped because of this. Due to these harsh conditions, many have resorted to hiding.

 Everyone’s current condition varies, while some are alone, others are being harbored by family or friends. Many sit in single rooms or empty basements, endlessly staring at walls or their phones. Those hidden by friends are given supplies and food, and help keep watch. There are also those who are isolated, alone and running out of food. 

Many of these people say they feel abandoned by the international community. Any international flights out of Afghanistan already left, and anyone who could have escaped has done so. Those who unsuccessfully tried to escape, are on a list with hundreds of others.

In a 2020 US Department report on Afghanistan says members of the LGBTQ community in Afghanistan experienced discrimination such as verbal and physical abuse. They say even before the Taliban Takeover they experienced discrimination, but at least there was a space in society for them, since the new government has taken control, that safe space has been eradicated and many people are left to suffer from this.