The return of Homecoming for the three rival schools

Rochester, Rochester Adams, and Stoney Creek High School shows school spirit


Photo Courtesy of Trina Mollicone

Trina Mollicone, Staff Writer

As the school year kicks off, the three rival high schools of Rochester Hills hold their first homecomings in two years. Although the dance is a universal experience in high schools across the country, each RCS high school has their own unique homecoming specialties.

In an interview with a junior at Stoney Creek high school, Megan Kennedy explains that SCHS is known for being creative with the names of their spirit days.

“Our spirit week days are not just ‘neon’ or ‘USA’ but they go with our year’s theme (outer space). Like, ‘brighter than the sun day’ for neon, and ‘NASA day’ for USA day,” Kennedy said.

Adams high school on the other hand prioritizes honoring their seniors at the homecoming dance.

“Our theme for homecoming was Hollywood, and in the hallway they had a little tribute for the seniors with their names on the wall in stars,” junior Paulina Tether said.

Rochester high school is well-known for its raging school spirit, and every year the students come together and go all out for every spirit day of homecoming week. Despite the long break with COVID, this tradition was continued this year.

“Our spirit week has participation like no other school,” junior Kaci Andrews, a third year member of student council, said.

With homecoming season officially coming to a close, students throughout the 3 high schools look forward to next year’s homecoming, and are proud of the unique traditions that their schools uphold.