Downtown Rochester: A new Hallmark movie location?


Photo taken by Jenny Kim.

Jenny Kim, Staff Writer

Should the Hallmark Movies film a movie in Downtown Rochester? The answer is… YES!

Downtown Rochester is rated one of the top three towns in Michigan that best resembles the locations shown in the Hallmark Movies.

Over one million Christmas lights glimmer colorfully right on Main Street and cars begin to pile up on the roads to drive through this glamorous street. As the sun sets every night, Downtown forms into a Christmas movie-like scene, with sidewalks packed with people and those radiant lights glistening on every building on the street.

Last Year, Frankenmuth was a location of the Hallmark Movie, “A Christmas Movie Christmas.” The appearance of the Bavarian style town in the movie increased businesses in Frankenmuth, after the movie was released. 

If you have watched the TV series “Pretty Little Liars,” you might spot someone very familiar in the Hallmark movie. Actor Brant Daughtery played the role of Noel Kahn in the PLL series, and in “A Christmas Movie Christmas,” he plays the character of Paul.

The jolliness that Downtown Rochester captures during the winter holiday season looks like a perfect fit for a Hallmark movie location.

In addition to the excitement that could come with having a movie be filmed so close to your hometown, filming a Hallmark Movie in Downtown Rochester would generate revenues and help the local businesses right here in Rochester. It would take the attention of more people that aren’t from the area and make them want to come because of the eye-catching sceneries presented in the movie.

Just like any other Hallmark Movie location, Downtown Rochester manifests the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season. Our very own hometown should be optioned for the next Hallmark Movie.