Tayshia Adams saves season 16 of “The Bachelorette”


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Alyssa Hart, Co-editor-in-chief

Will you accept this rose?… A phrase Clare Crawley has been around a few too many times. Since her debut in season 18 of “The Bachelor”, where she stormed off in a fit of rage after being eliminated in the finale, Clare Crawley has stuck around in the bachelor productions. 

Clare appeared on seasons one and two of “Bachelor in Paradise”, but never seemed to have success in finding love. When Crawley, the now 39-year-old, was announced as the bachelorette in March 2020, most bachelor fans were already familiar with her… and not too many were happy. 

The season premiere was supposed to be in mid-May, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic had to be delayed until Oct. 13. When the season did finally begin after months of anticipation, Clare made for a very anti-climatic few episodes. 

On the first episode of the season after meeting contestant Dale Moss, Crawley said, “I definitely feel like I just met my husband.” Keep in mind, she had simply just had a 30 second interaction with this man. 

From that moment forward, Clare proved to have an unfair bias towards Dale. She would choose to spend time with him over anybody else, and refused to give any of the other men a chance. 

I found this to be incredibly immature considering the whole point of the show is for the bachelorette to meet all of the contestants and decide which one is best suited for her. However, Clare didn’t even have a whole conversation with most of the men before making up her mind on who she wanted to marry. 

In episode three when Clare refused to give the immunity rose to anybody at the cocktail party, that was the final straw. The contestants were angry, the fans were angry, and heck, even Chris Harrison was a little angry. 

After that night Harrison urged the couple to take the next step and arranged an engagement between Dale and Clare. The couple got engaged on episode four, after knowing each other for barely four weeks. 

Speculations about the couple getting in touch over quarantine were floating around, but the couple denied all allegations and said that the first time they talked was when Dale first stepped out of the limo on the night of the premiere.

Bachelor nation was devastated. After months of delay and anticipation and all we get are four episodes of melodramatic predictability? You’re kidding right?

RHS senior Bachelorette fan Nicole Miller couldn’t be more upset: “Personally, I think Clare Crawley finding love with Dale Moss in 4 weeks is the most unrealistic love story ever,” she said. “It’s hard to understand how Clare could be so sure of Dale with so many other guys to get to know.”

This opinion is quite consistent between most bachelorette fans, and senior Lauren Lynch isn’t an exception: “I really don’t like Clare, I think that she rushed something because she was lonely, and I think Dale went on the show for publicity.” 

After the proposal, many of the contestants lost hope and began making preparations to go home. That is when Miss Tayshia Adams entered the picture. 

Tayshia is a 30-year-old from Santa Ana, California. After Clare seemed to have botched this season of the bachelorette, Tayshia swooped in to save it. 

The contestants were given the option to stay on the show and fight for Tayshia’s heart or go home. Most of the contestants chose to stay and were ecstatic that they didn’t come on the show for nothing. However, some of the men decided they had grown too close to Clare and weren’t ready to put themselves back out there. Four new contestants were also welcomed onto the show to fill the empty spots. 

For the few episodes that Tayshia has been the new bachelorette, she has already proved to be more respectful, fun-loving, and a far better person than Clare. She respects the time of all the contestants and is giving each man an opportunity to get to know her. Tayshia genuinely tries to get to know and pursue each contestant, as a bachelorette is supposed to do.

The arrival of Tayshia brought bachelorette fans back to life.

“I feel like Tayshia is a refreshing new start to this season and can respect the sacrifice of the men, during an unprecedented time, better than Clare did,” Miller said. 

RHS Senior bachelorette fan Sophia Cichocki also weighs in on the subject: “I think Tayshia is the better bachelorette because she came in having no formed opinion on the men, when Clare already knew she wanted to be with Dale.” 

Despite Clare’s rocky start to the season, the remainder of the season is already more promising with Tayshia as the new bachelorette. Thanks to Tayshia, Tuesdays at 8 o’clock eastern time are something to look forward to once again.