Deputy John Ashley explains how he helps keep RHS safe


Tommy Massa

With the new school starting students might be concerned with any new rules that could have been established. They are worried about rules that would affect them and cause them to change their daily routine.

“The protocols and rules that are established here at the school remain the same.  I hope that by educating everyone, that we can have everyone comply with those rules,” Deputy John Ashley said. “They are put into place to create a safe environment and allow the kids to attend school and feel like they want to be with us.”

Now the students have nothing  new to worry about, and that as long as they follow the rules and regulations there should be no confusion on what one can and can’t do in school. But if one was to break one of the rules, how would the school handle the students braking these rules?

“We at the safety level, will try and keep people adhering to the practices that are put in place with being diligent and enforcing the rules,” Deputy Ashley said.

While the school feel like a safe place to many, students may have concerns outside of school, especially online.

“Social media is always a concern and we still caution the students that what you put out there will forever remain out there,” Deputy Ashley said. “Bullying and harassing will not be tolerated.”

Deputy Ashley also expressed that students shouldn’t hesitate to report any incident that compromises the safety of students or staff inside or outside of the building, no matter how small.

“I treat every report with seriousness and will do my best to stop any offenses that may occur,” Deputy Ashley.