Students return to school after pause in hybrid schedule


Staff works to ensure safety in the cafeteria by cleaning between lunches.

Maddie Lawson, Staff Writer

After the brief shift back to remote learning, students return to school with a temporary shift to school administration. On Oct. 26, it was confirmed in an email sent by Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaner that someone at Rochester High School tested positive for COVID-19 and that while the district responded to this there would be a pause in the hybrid schedule.

On Tuesday, Oct. 27, students in cohort A followed the hybrid schedule from their homes. Cohort B followed the same schedule on Wednesday. Students returned to the building the following day for PSAT testing with a shift in administration while staff members quarantined. 

 While key district administrators, RHS secretaries, and custodial staff are quarantining for the 14 day period required, Assistant Principal Daniel Amore takes on the role of principal for the time being. Supported by other administrators and staff from throughout the district, Mr. Amore is prepared to be in charge of the building for the next two weeks. Mr. Wescott, former assistant principal of RHS; Mr. Cusmano, current principal of Adams High School; and Mr. Heitsch, Executive Director for Elementary Teaching and Learning have already come to help keep things running smoothly. 

“We just want to make sure we’re erring on the side of caution,” Mr. Amore said. Rochester Community Schools is working hard to prioritize the health and safety of everyone, no matter what challenges may arise.