What your ‘do says about you


Jessica Leininger

The Undercut 

Displaying undercut

Ivan Barraza, 10

Do you find yourself in front of the mirror after a trip to Salvation Army, looking at yourself clad in an oversize fur coat and feeling like something about the image you’ve carefully cultivated is missing? If so, the undercut might be for you. The hair is short on the sides, and long on the top, styled to personal preference. It’s the faux-hawk for 2014. It shows you’re trendy, have time to spend on your hair, and may or may not shop in the men’s section of Forever 21.



Displaying flow

Griffen Harper, 10

It’s lush, it’s long, and nobody can deny that they are jealous of the tuft of hair that is poking out from the bottom of your respective sport’s helmet. Flow is a mark of an athlete who wants his hair to be as gorgeous as his game (or more so). Do you want people to respect you for your footwork, or your hair? With flow like this, you can have both!



Displaying colored

Jacob Hoeg, 11

Yeah, dude, you’re having fun. You’re expressing your inner aura by letting it bleed into your locks. Blue, green, red, whatever the color, it’s artificial and you have adhered it to your follicles. It shows that you’re a risk-taker, and you want the color of your hair to reflect the color of your soul. Hair dye can be intimidating, and people will know that you overcame it, and conquered those chemicals and are confident enough in yourself to flaunt the color of your soul.



Displaying fro

Anthony King, 10

It’s like a halo of hair around your head! Heavenly! Afros are another fun hairstyle you can try, depending on your genetics. People are intrigued by your hair, and might try to grab it from time to time. Should you let them? It’s your hair, so that’s your prerogative! Whether you do or not, the afro will be a talking point, making you the life of the party. With the afro, you can shine with your ha(ir)lo like the big man intended. Spread the word!


Average Joe

Displaying avg joe

JOE Donho, 11

You aren’t really bothered by your hair; you’ve had pretty much the same cut for the last … well … forever. It works, so why change it when you can keep doing you? You let your actions and words speak more about your personality than your hair ever could. You don’t need to think about your hair, because let’s face it, you have more pressing matters to deal with. Today, it’s the math homework you need to finish before fourth hour, tomorrow, it’s probably going to be the same thing! (A lot like that hairstyle you’re rocking.)



Displaying scruff

David HoffMAN, 11

Sure, you’re in highschool, but you are a MAN. You prove this to your peers by growing out your facial hair, brushing off comments, telling people you just forgot to shave. (For the last few weeks? You’re sure?) Like the average joe, you want a look of ease, but also want to utilize the bottom half of your face to feel more Hemingwayesque. Plus, you want to prove your manliness in a way that only a dude with your genetics can. Way to go, tough guy.



Displaying fabio

Evan Miller, 9

Ok, so when worn in high school under a Monster® brand snapback, these locks don’t look like they’ve been ripped from the cover of a romance novel. You have the length though, and if you wanted to style it, you totally could. Long locks are a versatile look, with your options running from a greasy KFC napkin from the nineties, to Fabio, to getting people to think you could play Jesus in their church’s nativity play. Grow it long, and do as you please!



Displaying fedora ew

Lawrence Latouf, 11

What do you think this look gives off? Some guys may wear this hat ironically, as a way to show the world they’re a classy dude who can treat a lady right, or they might just be having a bad hair day. It’s a mystery to people which one you are trying to go for, but man, you slapped that baby on your noggin and now you’re a master of the universe. The world is your oyster, dude in a fedora, and you know how to go for it! Bonus points to those with a feather sticking from the top of this hot look. BONUS bonus points if you pair it with a fuzzy “moustache”.



Displaying IMG_2064.jpg      Displaying ponytail

Michael Aguirre, 12

The tiny pony tail you have on the back of your head has been carefully juxtaposed with a look of fiery intensity in your eyes. Reminiscent of Samurai Jack, this ponytail is definitely not the most feminine look on this list. Keeping your hair out of your face is not a laughing matter, and with your trusty elastic, you know that your hair will not be getting in the way. People can respect that.



Displaying IMG_2059.jpg

Ives Bartels, 12

Are you an astronaut, because boy, your hair is defying gravity. Whatever product you use to make your hair go straight up, it’s working. This style adds four to six inches to your height, so if you have a bit of a Napoleon complex, this cut may be the one for you. (And it’s cheaper than buying platforms, depending on the product you use.) This look shows that you know what’s up. (Hint: It’s your hair.)

Asymmetrical Faux hawk 

Displaying assymetri cal

Dylan Sikkelee, 12

You took the hairstyle you had in middle school, and shifted it to the left. It’s like seventh grade, but edgier!