Falcon 9 club assists struggling freshmen


Mr. Luea speaks to the Falcon 9 club members.

Michael Kainz

Ninth graders have been given the opportunity through the after school program Falcon 9 to receive help after school. Math teacher Mrs. Andrea Shick believes that the after school program helps ninth graders with more than just academics.

“The Falcon 9 goes on class field trips and helps the community,” Mrs. Shick said. “The program also works on team building, which helps students be more of a Rochester High School community.”

The Falcon 9 assists students to stay on track to graduate with their class.

“I think it helps students academically so they don’t get behind for their sophomore year,” Mrs. Shick said.

Mrs. Shick talked about the typical areas of struggle the Falcon 9 club members experience.

“It’s like a homework help and teachers are in there for mostly math and science because that’s what most ninth graders need help with,” Mrs. Shick said.

The Falcon 9 group also does community service.

“One of the things the kids are going to do is help decorate a church,” Mrs. Shick said. “So the church can have a Halloween party for little kids.”