AATG test provides German students a chance to demonstrate skills, potential to win a free trip

The logo for the AATG.

The logo for the AATG.

Jacob Groen

The AATG test is a national test, now in its 55th year, which 22,000 students take each year. Students take the test for various reasons.

“They take the test because it allows them to see how they are doing compared to other German students,” German teacher Frau Nancy Hanson said. “And if they earn in the 90th percentile, they will be eligible for a trip to go to Germany.”

Junior Kevin Cremonesi explains his rationale for taking the test.

“You take it so you can win the trip to Germany,” Cremonesi said. “And to see how good you are in German.”

Sophomore Louis Rolland also plans to take the test.

“You take it to see how well you can understand the language,” Rolland said. “… And to get a chance to go to Germany.”

The test is composed of multiple choice questions, as well as a listening portion. Students study for the test in many different ways.

“You can take practice tests online,” Frau Hanson said. “Some students go on Youtube to listen to German and perfect their German.”

Cremonesi explains his specific study plan.

“You study your German notes, mainly German vocab and grammar,” Cremonesi said.

While students may not be excited for yet another high-stakes standardized test, Frau Hanson explains the benefits of exposure to this type of exam.

“The test is good practice for standardized testing,” Frau Hanson said. “The German program is an excellent one and more people should join it.”