Freshman mentor program meet-up meant to continue relationship building


Luke Deel

Student activities director Mrs. Julie Harris runs the mentor program of 100 upperclassmen who help freshman get acclimated to high school. The mentor meet-up on Oct. 1 during 3rd and 6th Hour was successful, according to Mrs. Harris.

“I thought it went well; the freshmen seemed to be talking with their mentors,” Mrs. Harris said. “They had a list of questions because it was their first time meeting face to face, so they had some icebreaker-type questions they were given to kind of get the conversation going.”

After Mrs. Harris looks at the building calendar and finds a date with nothing else going on, she selects hours to try the meet-up.

“We alternate the hours,” Mrs. Harris said. “This time we met 3rd and 6th, and next time we’ll meet on Tuesday, Nov. 25 during 1st and 2nd hour.”

In order to decide what to do at these meetings, mentors meet monthly in the media center.

“We brainstorm ideas and we look at how much money we have and we go from there,” Mrs. Harris said.

In order to fund these activities, the mentors sell bagels on Friday mornings before school.

“Because it’s before school the new food regulations don’t apply,” Mrs. Harris said. “If we stop at 7:30 a.m., we’re good.”