Falcon school spirit continues to soar

Falcon school spirit continues to soar

Edgar Sokoli

Students traveled to class in a sea of camouflage on Monday, Spartan or Wolverine gear on Tuesday, togas and Grecian get-up on Wednesday, tropical or beach items on Thursday and class colors on Friday.

Although Spirit Week seemed to fly by, thought and preparation began months in advance.

“The planning begins in June; that’s when our final exam for student council is and that’s when we decide on a homecoming theme,” student council advisor Mrs. Kelley Cusmano said. “That takes us through the summer, getting everything thought out and approved by administration.”

Throughout the preparation, there are many pieces that make Spirit Week come alive.

“We have many different committees that help with the planning,” senior and head of the dance committee Danielle Malouf said. “Spirit week, pep, halftime and dance committees and a head member in each one.”

Senior and student council treasurer Paul Lee thinks the spirit week was successful, likely as the result of the work that went in ahead of time.

“We have had a great week, although we had a difficult day with Greek day, but people still managed to wear togas and dress up,” Lee said.

Of course, the student council and the administration must agree on the spirit days, lunchtime activities and pep assembly games.

“Sometimes the administration and I are on different pages, but most of the time we are on the same page,” Mrs. Cusmano said. “Sometimes there’s a day that my students really want that the administration really doesn’t want.”

Aside from this approval process, Mrs. Cusmano says she loves spirit week.

“I think it’s really cool to see the kid that doesn’t do anything for homecoming week come out and try to be spirited, even though they don’t want to admit it,” Mrs. Cusmano. “That’s worth it.”

According to Lee, it’s the long-lasting traditions of RHS school spirit that inspire students to continue to show that blue and white pride.

“We’re RHS,” Lee said. “We’re the oldest school in the district, so we have to set an example.”