BRIEF: RHS choirs present “Let’s Go to the Movies”


Maggie Rhymstett, Staff Writer

The Rochester High School choirs presented this year’s Cabaret show “Lets Go to the Movies”  on May 10 and May 11. This show presented songs from a series of different movies and featured special dance numbers as well.

“We have some songs where everyone is in it,” senior Misbah Sayed said. “There are also songs that only one class in particular sings.”

Some choir students had a special act where they picked a song and dance of choice to perform.

“I’m really excited for my special act but also nervous,” senior Alanna Courtright said going into the performance. “I practiced so much for it.”

Like the students, choir teacher Mrs. Lykins was also excited about the performance.

 “Everyone worked so hard, it will all pay off,”  Mrs. Lykins said prior to the show.