Wake up and makeup

Junior Anu Sandhu pursues her passion for makeup


Anu Sandhu is exploring her love for makeup through Instagram. Photo courtesy of Anu Sandhu.

Sabrina Abed, Staff writer

When Junior, Anu Sandhu first got Instagram, the first things that caught her eye were all the makeup pictures and videos she saw on the explore page.  She really enjoyed watching them, and it inspired her to make a page of her own.

”I got my inspiration from Instagrammers,” Sandhu said. “They would always post these really interesting makeup pictures/videos and it inspired me to start playing around with makeup and create a page of my own.”

Sandhu loves being creative and using makeup as a form of art, rather than drawing or painting. She’s never been great at those things or enjoyed them, but makeup is something she is good at and loves.

”My favorite part about makeup is creating new and different looks, “ Sandhu  said. “Running my own Instagram page is fun overall, but my favorite part would be seeing it grow every day and adding new content for my followers.”

Sandhu always tries to make sure that her clients are satisfied with their makeup look. She believes that makeup artists should try to make clients as comfortable as possible so they can communicate exactly what they are looking for.

”The most important quality in a makeup artist should be their relationship with their clients and how they communicate with them,” Sandhu said.

As an aspiring makeup artist, Sandhu  has to keep up with the latest makeup trends. If she doesn’t, she may not understand what her clients want, and she needs to know everything about makeup in order for her to succeed in this career.

”I make sure to keep up with social media whenever there’s a new trend,” Sandhu said. “Usually, new trends occur when the season changes or a new product from a company comes out. It is crucial for me to keep up with these trends.”

To pursue her makeup career, Sandhu tries her hardest in many ways to be more popular and known in the makeup community. She believes that in able to accomplish anything in life, people have to do the best they can and believe in themselves.

”I use my other social media accounts to tell people more about makeup page and my skills, I ask family and friends to tell others as well,” Sandhu said. “I also try to put out good content for my followers.”