Art is never finished

Senior Micaela Espedido explores her artistic abilities


A self-portrait painted by Micaela Espedido. Photo courtesy of Micaela Espedido.

Maria Nagaitis, Staff Writer

Imagine being able to sit down and draw or paint whatever you want, and having it turn out looking realistic and pretty. For senior Micaela Espedido, painting herself underwater is something that she can do with ease.

Many people dream about being artists, but few actually have the ability to become one. Espedido, however, gets to use her artistic abilities whenever she wants.

“I have been drawing for my entire life. I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t drawing, I’m even in an AP art class right now,” Espedido said.

As she’s gotten older, Espedido’s art has improved in many different ways. She spent her life finding new and improved ways to make her creations better in the end.

“My art has improved by using better proportions, knowledge of value, and also not copying things from Google 100 percent because I need references, but I shouldn’t be copying the whole thing and I am now making it my own,” Espedido said.

Over the years, Espedido has discovered what she doesn’t like to use in her art, and she has also found things that she really enjoys working with.

“I prefer to work with charcoal, acrylic, water color, and pencil,” Espedido said. “They are smooth and blend together well. And I hate colored pencil because its scratchy and markers because they leave streaks.”

Espedido is frequently trying out new ideas and using her creative ability in many ways. Her work is often out of the ordinary, and explore fun ideas that many people do not usually do.

“One of my pieces means a lot to me. It’s three deer sitting in the woods having a tea party, dressed in hats and ties,” Espedido said. “I really like this one because it’s random and I enjoy ideas that aren’t often seen or thought of.”

Espedido also takes inspiration from other art and creators to help influence her own art. By doing this, she is always able to draw without having all of her pieces being similar.

“Leonardo De vinci inspires me a lot in my art  because he is multi talented,” Espedido said. “Another artist called Hieu influenced a painting of myself in water.”

Even if she loves art and spends a lot of her time creating it, Espedido has different plans for her future.

“I do not plan on being an artist,” Espedido said. “I want to become a nurse. I will most likely just have art as a side job for extra money when I am not working.”