Fighting With My Family Movie Review


Sabrina Abed, Staff writer

“Fighting With My Family” is a drama and sports movie starring Florence Pugh and Dwayne Johnson. It was directed by Stephen Merchant, an English writer, director, radio presenter, comedian and actor. He is most known for being a co-writer and co-director of the popular sitcom, “The Office.”Fighting With My Family” is based on a true story about Paige (Florence Pugh), who comes from a disorganized family in England to pursue her dream of WWE stardom in America. ¬†

The movie begins by showing the audience the love that Paige and her family have for wrestling. When Paige and her brother, Zak, get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try out for the WWE, they are ecstatic. However, when Paige is the only one that earns a spot in the training program, she must leave her family and friends behind and go to America to pursue her dream. When Paige arrives in Florida, she realized how hard this journey was going to be. Although she faced many struggles throughout her journey, she pushed herself to prove to the world that what makes her different, can be the little thing that makes her a big star.

There were both some positive and negative content in this movie. The main positive was the message behind it. There were big life lessons that people could take after watching this movie. One of them was to simply be true to oneself. In the movie, Paige faced the struggle of trying to fit in vs. being herself, and she was confused for a while because of it. Another big life lesson in the movie was to never give up. Paige also faced the struggle of following her dreams when hard times came upon her.

The main negative to the  movie was that it was a little cliche. Nothing was super special about it, and it was very predictable as well. When somebody watches a movie, there has to be something about it that makes that person want to tell everybody about it, and makes them want to watch it again. Unfortunately, this movie did not meet the requirements for most people to want to watch it again.

Overall, “Fighting With My Family” is a good movie. It has comedy, drama and life lessons that are nice to be reminded of over the course of the movie. The acting was also pretty decent as well, especially from the main actress, Florence Pugh. Although the director and the writers could have made this movie better, it still earns a 3.5/5. “Fighting With My Family” is a good movie, but not a great one.