Three teachers share about their plans to tie the knot


Julia Labban

Social studies teachers Larry Adams and Christina Larsen and English teacher Jean Wood will never forget their wedding anniversaries. Mr. Adams is getting married on 12/13/14 (successive numbers), Ms. Larsen on 7/11/15 (popular convenience store) and Ms. Wood on 5/16/15 (a palindrome).

With the weddings on the horizon, these teachers are busy balancing their work load with wedding planning.

“I did a lot over the summer,” Ms. Wood said. “We have a venue, we have the food, we have a band and we have a wedding planner that kind of helps with doing a lot of the legwork.”

Ms. Larsen is also in the throes of wedding planning and took advantage of the summer to check items off her to-do list.

“We got a lot done this summer when I was out of school so that it would be less stressful,” Ms. Larsen said. “I would say just planning in advance and taking our time has been the best way to balance work with the planning, but there’s definitely been some stress along the way.”

Mr. Adams also feels that planning a wedding can be stressful.

“It is a struggle at times; it makes for long days, but it’s worth it,” Mr. Adams said. “The worst part is meeting some of the deadlines with our busy schedules.”

Mr. Adams is also enjoying the benefits of engagement.

“Being engaged is fun no matter how old you are,” Mr. Adams said. “I am enjoying the experience. I am looking forward to being married and starting something new.”

Students are often curious about how their teachers got engaged and Ms. Wood describes her proposal as perfect.

“It was spring break last year,” Ms. Wood said. ”We were going to stop at Bell’s Brewery. Nick made me get up really early so we could be there at 11 a.m., and there was no one there … and I looked up and there was a long, skinny chalkboard that said ‘Jean, will you marry me? Love Nick.’”

Ms. Larsen also thought her fiancé Tim did a nice job with his proposal in Ludington, Mich.

“One evening, we wanted to hike out to one of the lighthouses on the beach,” Ms. Larsen said. “Once we reached the lighthouse I was busy taking scenery and sunset pictures, and when I turned around I found him on one knee asking me to marry him. He included our dog, Dierks, by having his picture in the ring box. It was absolutely perfect-I couldn’t be happier.”

Mr. Adams went for a unique approach with his proposal.

“I asked her in Hines Park back in January,” Mr. Adams said. “It was late at night and we were watching some people using the toboggan run.”

The brides and groom to be say that the whole process is “exciting,” “overwhelming,” “scary,” “expensive,” “surprising” and “nerve-wracking.” Amidst some of the negative aspects, these individuals are enjoying the process.

“It’s all felt so surreal to be planning such an amazing and special day,” Ms. Larsen said. “We are beyond excited!”

Mr. Adams said his favorite part is, “believe it or not, all of it. It’s nice looking forward to the big day.”

Ms. Wood expressed her feelings about what lies beyond the big day.

“I’m really excited for the life that we get to start afterwards,” Ms. Wood said.