“Five Feet Apart”: The touching story of our time


The book Five Feet Apart is pictured above. The picture on the cover is significant to the storyline. Photo by Evie Ansari.

Evie Ansari, Staff Writer

The novel “Five Feet Apart” by Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Laconis, centers around two high school patients with cystic fibrosis and how they endure the challenges of life. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a disease that causes constant lung infections by mucus clogging airways and trapping germs in the lungs, and it can result in difficulty breathing. For this reason, people who have cystic fibrosis stay away from germs as much as possible.

The main character, Stella Grant, who has CF, meets another boy with CF, named Will Newman, who has B. cepacia. B. cepacia is bacteria found in natural places which is a serious risk for people with CF because the lung function decreases faster. Stella and Will have to stay six feet apart at all times so she will not be exposed to harmful germs. Will is a free spirit who wants to actually live what life he has left, whereas Stella is controlling, organized and lives for her treatments. Stella figures out Will is not taking his treatments seriously, and she makes him take his regiments with her. Through this, they begin to care for each other and they feel like six feet is too far apart. But can Stella and Will find love even if they’re five feet apart?

This book has touched many lives. The story is so sweet but also makes people think about life.In the book, readers can take in every touching word, every life changing decision and every challenge the characters encountered. The characters developed through the story which allowed readers to become more attached to the characters. The connection people get with the characters makes the story more touching by creating a special bond that transports readers into their lives. Afterwards, readers get the big picture that we should be thankful we are here, breathing. Readers should live life like every moment could be their last. This book has taught people to live. Throughout the story, the word “live” is used constantly. Stella and Will both have their own view on what life is supposed to be like which is why every chapter bounces from Stella’s to Will’s perspective. The novel is not just another love story; it has a stronger, more worldwide message, which is to be thankful for every moment, especially with loved ones.

It is hard to find something negative about such an amazing book, but the only thing that might be a turn off to some people is that it is a tear-jerker. It was obviously going to be a sad read going into it, and there should be a box of tissues nearby. Readers should be in the right mindset before reading.

The movie “Five Feet Apart” came out March 15, and is starring Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse. There is a lot riding on this movie because the book has had such a great effect on people. Between Sprouse and Richardson, along with director, Justin Baldoni, they have made such a touching book come to life. The movie was an excellent adaptation and was one of the most touching movies of today.

This loveable book is for anyone who can handle a good cry but also enjoy such a wholesome story. This book definitely deserves a five out of five stars. Whether one reads the book or watches the movie, they will be touched by this story in some way, and will be given a different perspective on life.

Student Views:

What are your overall thoughts on the book? Did it affect you in any way?

“I loved the book, it reminds me that we should be grateful for what we have because somewhere out there people are in that exact situation except without the love story happening.” –Lorena Sierra Reyes, Freshman

“Five feet apart is by far my favorite book I’ve read. It’s perfect for someone who likes emotional reads because it definitely made me cry a few times. It made me think about how short life is and how much I want to accomplish.” –Ava Wadle, Freshman

Are you excited for the movie? If so why?

“I am excited for the movie I would like to see how the director imagined it and put it on screen.” –Sierra Reyes

“Yes, I’m super excited for the movie (even though the book is probably better). It’s fun to see the book characters come to life in a movie.”-Wadle