Tri-High dance fashion

Find out what girls in RCS want in their Tri-High dress

Alyssa Hart, Staff Writer

Hair, makeup, shoes and dresses- just name it, and it’s here. As Charity week and the Tri-High Ball have drawn to a close, the fashionistas at the high schools in Rochester Community Schools have shown off their styles.

Traditionally, school dances are places where students can express their taste through their outfits, and where they can show their true colors. Student Government adviser Mrs. Cusmano recognizes how heavily fashion contributes to the spirit of the dance.

“Fashion contributes to the spirit of the Tri-High dance because I think it’s just like people like dressing up, especially girls,” Mrs. Cusmano said. “It’s kind of nice to have an excuse to like get your hair done, get your nails done, get your makeup done, and dress the way you want.”  

A clear trend among the students can be depicted in two words- simple and convenient. Sophomore Stephanie Glaspie from Rochester High School chose a solid black dress as her Tri-High outfit of choice.

“I chose the color black because it is basic color, and I really wanted a simple dress this year,” Glaspie said. “I chose my dress because it is something similar to what people have worn in previous years.”  

This trend does not go unnoticed by the teachers of Rochester High, like Mrs. Cusmano.

“I feel like classic colors like black and red colors have become more popular,” Mrs. Cusmano said.

Sophomore Emily Mikami from Rochester High School chose a gray silk dress.

“This year, I chose a solid gray dress because I like the ‘sleek’ look,” Mikami said. “I really love the simplicity and how straight forward it is.”

Mikami also commented on her jewelry of choice.

“I would rather choose bold earrings, since my dress is so plain,” Mikami said.  “I think the bold earrings are a good way to balance out the gray dress.”

Cusmano’s favorite trend doesn’t stray far from this dress.

“My favorite Tri-High trend are the classy and elegant. Simple and fitted…but not overly fitted, just fitted in the right way!” Cusmano said.

Sophomore Nicole Brabant from Adams High School went with a sophisticated black dress.

“I chose black because it is classic and also all I had,” Brabant said. “I thought it was simple but still cute.”