BRIEF: The German Department welcomes a new Amity scholar


German Amity Scholar Amelie Groß labels items in German using the Smart Board. Photo Credits by: Brady Crites

Colin Alison, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the school year, students of German teacher Brady Crites welcomed a new amity scholar, Amelie Groß. She is from Bavaria in southern Germany, and has come to America to learn English and about teaching.

“I had an English class [in Germany] and I was really bad at it, and my professor said that I had to go abroad.” said Groß. “I decided to apply abroad for an internship, so they sent me here.”

Groß currently lives with senior and German 5 AP student Guillaume Roland and his family. When Mr. Crites announced to the class that there was a an opportunity for a student to host Groß, Roland volunteered to host her.

“They are very nice and helpful, and I feel like they are my real family,” Groß said. “They do everything they can so that I feel welcome and help me to organize everything. We do a lot of activities together like cooking and going on vacation on weekends.”

In the classroom, Groß assists Mr. Crites in his German lessons, as well as shares aspects of her German culture with the class. Groß also does activities with the Rolands, such as driving quad and dirt bikes.

“I think the students are very interested in the course material,” said Groß. “The teachers are very invested in what they do.”