RHS skate night raises money for next year’s events


Colin Alison, Staff Writer

On Friday, May 18, the junior class ambassadors hosted a “Roller Skating Night” at The New Rink in Shelby Township. The event was advertised for a week in advance as a way to start raising money for next year’s events, such as Homecoming and Prom. The event was able to meet its goal in terms of raising money, and had high attendance.

“We had a large number of students attend and everyone had so much fun,” said junior class adviser and APUSH teacher Mr. Chad Zwolinski.

To get in to the event, students  had to buy a $10 ticket either at school or at the door of the rink. This ticket would cover cost for entry and for roller skate rental.

“I was interested in going to roller skating night because I was a part of it this year and heard all of the great things those who went last year had to say about it,” junior class ambassador and head of the committee that ran the event Olivia Krempel said. “The event ended up being all of the positive things I was told!”

This is the second year in a row that the junior class hosting a skating night. Some  students say that the event should be different for next time, favoring laser tag instead.

“I think roller skating proved to be a wonderful event for student to partake in,” said Krempel.  “I believe it is a great event and should continue, however I think laser tag would be the next thing to offer to students.”

The event had a lot of advertising to try to bring as many kids to it as possible. Many announcements were made at lunch, as well as Junior Ambassadors handing out fliers and taping posters to the walls of the school.

“The largest obstacle was finding a way to promote the event to students beforehand,” said Zwolinski. “Students were more inclined to purchase tickets at the event than at lunch. Also because of so many sports it was hard to find a date that didn’t have some conflict.”

Many conflicts arose about planning the event, like what time the event should be held, the date and the type of party package that should be purchased.

“The Junior Class Ambassadors helped me immensely in order to make this event successful,” said Krempel. “Our collaboration and hard work made this event so successful.”

The event’s reception was positive, and the junior class reached their fundraising goal.

“I thought it was very fun,” said Junior Steven Moote. “I enjoyed skating around in circles.”