RHS hosts SAT “Spring Training”


The RHS Media Center held an SAT Spring Training event for juniors. Photo by Wyatt Anness

Wyatt Anness, Staff Writer

On March 6, teachers collaborated to put on a “SAT Spring Training” activity for juniors in language arts classes in the media center to get prep in for the SAT. This was the first time an activity like this was done.

“[The goal] is to give students an opportunity to reflect on questions that may have been difficult to answer,” language arts teacher Mrs. Jennifer Schrems said. “And to obtain strategies for answering those types of questions.”

This SAT prep was also very different than other forms of SAT prep that are in-class, having teachers rotate to different locations in the library talking to groups about certain types of questions from the PSAT.

“Students were able to get some questions answered in a small setting,” said Mrs. Schrems. “[They learned] from each other and an English teacher in the group.”

This activity was well received by students, too.

“I could ask questions I had trouble on from the PSAT,” junior Monish Devaraj said. “ Also, I could have a better one on one with the teacher to understand questions I missed. If I had trouble on a question it was easy to get it answered without having to wait.”

Students don’t just have to stop preparing for the SAT with this activity. Mrs. Schrems recommended additional ways to get prepared for the SAT

“Read, read, read. Do a word of the day app on their phone,” Mrs. Schrems said. “Or practice with Khan academy, and look at PSAT results.”

The SAT Spring Training event could also be done again in the future.

“I believe it was beneficial,” Mrs. Schrems said. “As always there are things we would keep and things we would change.”