NEWS BRIEF: Congressman Mike Bishop visits RHS


U.S. House of Photography

Headshot of Congressman Mike Bishop. Credit: Creavtive Commons

Wyatt Anness, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Nov. 21, Mike Bishop, a congressman for the 8th district of Michigan in the House of Representatives, met with Advanced Placement Government students.

Mr. Bishop gave a brief explanation of his journey into politics and followed up with a question and answer session where students got the opportunity to ask him about his stances on certain hot button issues.

“The purpose of Mr. Bishop’s visit to RHS was to engage and connect students to the political process.  Having the opportunity to meet with and ask questions candidly is so important,” AP Government teacher Mrs. Laura Matthews said. “My goal is to make the content come to life, so students can create direct connections through memorable experiences.”

Mrs. Matthews was very impressed with questions asked by students.

“They left no stone unturned!  I was thrilled to hear their detailed questions, and at time the democratic debate back and forth,” Mrs. Matthews said.  “Again, the chance for students to hear from our most historically democratic elected body of government is such a great opportunity and I feel students really seized the moment.”

Congressman Bishop’s visit also helped further push the importance of students and futures constituents to be aware and involved in government at the local and national level. 

“In order for our republic and democratic beliefs to continue, we need to value the exchange of intellectual thought and difference of opinion.  We as citizens are so fortunate to have the ability to reach out to our representatives to ask them questions, and in this experience receive a direct answer,” Mrs. Matthews said. “On the topic of knowing who represents you, your party, your state and even region of country.  As our nation is so vast and diverse, it is important to understand and hear from those who create legislation that impact us on a daily level.”