Freshman baseball season review

Gunnar Foster, Staff Writer

Rochester freshman baseball has had a solid year with a record of 10-6 so far. They have had strong games with good hitting and fielding.

“I think our consistency has led to our good record,” freshman Collin Mcmullin said. “We just have to keep being consistent.”

In the Falcons’ last game, they beat Adams 16-8 at home. 

The Falcons have had many things that have been good for them this year, but one of the best has been their team chemistry, explained Mcmullin.

“We have stuck together well this year,” Mcmullin said. “Supporting each other in everything we do on and off the field.”

Being a freshman doing sports can have challenges because players from two different middle schools come together. Sometimes it can be hard to mesh as a team, but Mcmullin says that was not an issue for this year’s group.

“It has not been very hard for us to mesh,” Mcmullin said. “It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.”

Freshman Dane Herczeg explains what he thinks the best game was thus far.

“It has to be the game against Stoney Creek,” freshman Dane Herczig said. “We played well as a team and scored a lot of runs.”

The Falcons have also had some hard games this year, but freshman Kyle White knows what their hardest game was.

“It was definitely our double header against Troy High,” White said. “We lost both of the games, it was just a really tough day for us.”

It was unusually cold during this baseball season, which could cause many problems for teams, but the Falcons do not seemed to be bothered by it.

“We have played very well in the cold,”  White said. “It does not seem to be a problem to us.”

With the football field under construction, the baseball and softball teams are the only outdoor sports that have hosted home games at RHS this spring.

“I love being able to play at home,” Herczeg said. “It gives me a sense of pride to play in front of the home fans.”

With the season coming to a close, the Falcons look to end the year on a high note, already clinching the unofficial City Champs title. They have three weeks left this  year and are looking to end strong.

“I’ve really liked how the year has gone so far,” Mcmullin said. “ I hope to have seasons like this to come.”