News Brief: Critic of the Kremlin Killed by Russian Agent

Patrick Jordan, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

According to Fox news, as of March 23, Denis Voronenko, a critic of the Kremlin, was shot dead in front of a hotel in Ukraine. The shooter was later identified as Pavel Parshov, a Russian agent.

Voronenko was once a Russian lawmaker, but became a critic of the Kremlin after he moved to Ukraine. According to MPRnews, Yuriy Lutsenko, a chief prosecutor of Ukraine, claimed that he was killed on the way to meet another former Russian lawmaker, Ilya Ponomaryov. Both were meant to give testimony later that week at Ukraine’s Military Prosecutor’s Office.

Ukraine’s president claims the killing as an act of terrorism, but the Russian government denies involvement.

Junior Eric Gaisser gives his thoughts on the scenario, “Who ever sent the Russian agent did not agree with the critic on any term whatsoever.”