Jennifer Lawrence isn’t as amazing as you think


“Ignorance is bliss.” That saying comes across people’s lips as often as every few minutes or so, however it isn’t the case for America’s sweetheart and world-renowned actress, Jennifer Lawrence. Her acting abilities have brought her to the top, but her inability to recognize harsh comments and cultural awareness may be bringing her back down, and there’s good reason to divulge some of her more ignorant actions.

Traveling across the country on a press tour for her most recent film, “Passengers,” Lawrence exposed more than enough information about some of her more moronic and disrespectful blunders while on set, and understandably, there was quite a bit of backlash. In one specific interview, Lawrence recalls an incident where she dislodges a piece of sacred Hawaiian property while “butt itching” on a rock that they had previously told her was not to be sat on. Not only did she fail to acknowledge this as a mistake, but mocked the reaction of the Hawaiian natives…and quite proudly, too. “And all the Hawaiians were like ‘Oh my god, it’s the curse from our ancestors’ and I’m in the corner like going, ‘I’m your curse’…” she says between bursts of laughter, clearly making her costar uncomfortable, and rightfully so. But of course, that isn’t the best part…she even prefaced the story by stating that “I, however, was in a wetsuit for this entire shoot,” clearly placing herself superior to the traditions of another culture, as she ignores the instruction to absolutely not interfere.

Even in her extremely short and insincere apology tweet, she seems to put underlying blame on the Hawaiian people for being offended, as she thought her story was self deprecating enough for everyone to see it as a way to poke fun at herself. In reality, she was trying her best to defend her actions and change people’s minds as opposed to truly admitting her mistakes were, in fact, mistakes.

This incident wasn’t the first of these ignorant remarks, however, as almost five years earlier, Lawrence made a few comments about actor Jesse Eisenberg’s “weird quirks”, and how desperately she wished to have them. While Eisenberg politely sat back and stated “you can have all of them,” she didn’t seems to notice that she was unfortunately romanticizing his mental illnesses, including OCD as well as anxiety. Although this was a quick twenty seconds on a late night television show, there’s no excuse for her uneducated remarks five years later. In my opinion, she has had more than enough time to learn from her mistakes, but clearly, there’s still some progress to be made.

Although I suppose that childish facade is all part of that pizza-loving, relatable act she puts on, isn’t it?