RHS hosts Chinese exchange students

RHS hosts Chinese exchange students

Patrick Jordan, Staff Writer

For most, Jan. 29, will just be a normal day at school, but for twenty Chinese exchange students from Hai’an Senior Middle School, it will be their first day at Rochester.

According to the Falcon Flier, a total of twenty Sophomores will be coming from Nantong China and staying with host families form January 29, 2017 through February 4, 2017. This is part of a District Strategic plan of  “Global Awareness” to establish a sister school relationship between the two schools. Because of this, Chinese students will get the chance to gain a wider understanding of American schools and culture.

One teacher will be hosting one exchange student, while the rest will be hosted  by RHS families. Assistant principal Mr. Pasquale Cusumano goes in depth on what the new students will experience at Rochester as far as classes and activities.

They are going to follow classes with a host student,” Mr Cusumano says. “But they will have a full schedule, [and] occasionally pulled out for field trips. They [will also] get a chance to go to lunch and meet people and teachers.”

Many of RHS’ own students appear excited to meet the exchange students and are willing to lend a hand to help them enjoy their six day stay. Senior Jake Komer expresses what he is looking forward to with the exchange program and cultural diversity.

“I would say that academics is paramount,” Komer said. “Next, it is very good to make and find friends, not only with people who are like you but those who are different from you and those you can learn from.”

Freshman Daylen Brinson also shares some advice for the incoming students.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it,” Brinson said. “Most people would be willing to give you advice when you ask, cultural diversity helps us relate with people more and understand how they feel in different situations.”

Adams High School senior Ioana Mirica has experienced both sides of the situation. Over the summer, she had the opportunity to travel to France with the class, where she spent a week living with a host family. Weeks later, her family took in a French student for about three weeks and got a chance to host a student.

“My family and I tried to show him a little bit of America while he practiced his English,” Mirica said. “We toured him around Rochester Hills and Chicago.”

Mirica’s trip to France would not have been complete without her host family.

“I liked how welcoming the family was and how considerate they were of my needs,” Mirica said. “They really went out of their way to show me around France ad expose me to the French culture.”

In turn, Mirica made sure to reciprocate her experience when her family hosted a student.

“I enjoyed being able to share my culture with another person and helping them improve their speaking skills,” Mirica said.

The exchange students will promote diverse ways of thinking, as well as introduce new concepts to RHS, benefitting the students.

“I think the exchange program could be a good way for people from America to learn about other ethnicities, and vice versa,” Komer said. “Cultural diversity is an interesting learning experience. I have learned some very interesting and enlightening things from my friend from Spain.”

Junior Adalyn Clark feels that cultural diversity is a way to learn from one another, she also offers advice about getting involved for the exchange students.

”Becoming educated about different cultures is definitely something everyone should try to do to help expand their horizons.” Clark said. “I think it’s a good idea (for the exchange students) to stay open to new ideas and experiences- joining clubs and meeting people is always good.”

Junior Kartik Soni is ready to embrace the new students to Rochester and wants to learn from them.

“You don’t need to feel scared or worried about showing off your culture to people here,” Soni said. “I personally want to learn about their past and get to know them. (I love how with cultural diversity] you get to know more about other people from around the world and their culture from their point of view, and they get to learn about ours as well.”