Boys varsity soccer team uses bus rides for team motivation

Mahnoor Rauf, Staff Writer

As senior varsity soccer player Bradley Carlson climbs onto the bus after a winning game, he is greeted with enthusiastic shouts and resounding applause. Anyone involved in athletics can attest that bus rides back to the school after a winning game or meet always have a charged atmosphere. Carlson discusses how this energy impacts his team.

“Our bus rides are pretty unique,” Carlson said. “It allows us to really bond as a team once we’ve won a game. The atmosphere on the bus is just one of I’d say definitely a lot of hype going around. When the team gets together on the bus ride after [a game] you can’t beat it man, you can’t beat it.”

These bus rides are especially beneficial as it brings the team closer together.

“It’s good team bonding on the bus, for sure,” Carlson said. “Especially with the shout outs, everybody gets the opportunity to be in the spotlight for the team, they always get a choice when they’re shouted out, they either have to show us their unique technique of their dab or they have to give us a speech where they summarize the game for us and give some motivating words”

What makes the varsity soccer team different from others is their radiating positivity, regardless of whether they win or lose. Carlson describes his team after a loss.

“The bus is still lit,” Carlson said. “Our team can handle anything, we can handle loss, we can handle struggles, that’s the beauty of our team. Losses or wins, it doesn’t matter. We’re still a team, we’re still brothers out on that field no matter what.”