Senior column: Farewell RHS


Hannah Chilcote, Staff writer

Rochester High School has witnessed the many awkward and interesting phases of Hannah Chilcote. Over these past four years, my many phases, thankfully, have molded into one to create who I am today. RHS has been a part of some of the best times of my life and I am so sad to say goodbye to a place full of so many amazing memories. It has just recently became reality that my fellow peers who have struggled with me through the many ups and downs of high school will all soon be going there separate ways. Obviously I will stay close to those who matter most to me, but the people whose company I simply just enjoyed and shared the occasional deep conversation with are the ones who will be truly missed. The ones who suffered with me through those AP biology tests or sent me a quick reminder text for that important assignment due the next day. They were such friendly and kind people that I may never see again. Those people are moving on to the next chapter of their lives too. The sad truth is that maybe under different circumstances we would have been best friends, but in this case, I probably won’t keep in touch with them after that final day we walk across the stage as our last time as Falcons.

As sad as I am that high school is coming to end and that I won’t see many of my classmates in the future, I could not be more excited to be a spartan next year at Michigan State University. I am definitely ready to start college and as these final days wind down, the reality of it all is beginning to set in. High school has taught me that constantly stressing about what other people are doing or always worrying about what others might think of you is a complete waste of time. Embarrassing moments are unavoidable and insecurities will never leave your mind, but there are so many more beneficial and time worthy things that you could be thinking about instead of how others view you.

RHS had made me realize what a true friend really is and over the years you develop a keen sense for those who just talk to you because they have no one better to converse with or the ones that genuinely care and enjoy spending time with you. Best friends are the ones who no matter what stand by your side and are always looking out for you. The ones who you couldn’t imagine not having around at certain events and it is just never the same when they aren’t around. I am very grateful to say that I have developed these strong relationships with a few people here at RHS and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

Rochester High has academically taught me a lot and grades have always served an immense importance in my mind, but I have recently began to realize the true importance of everything in my life. Receiving A’s on all the science tests, excelling in advanced math, and winning scholarly awards may make your parents proud and bring a glimmer of excitement, but those aren’t the things that truly make a person happy. Going out and spending time with those who you care about are what we should all be focusing on. Making those unforgettable memories that you can one day share with your kids and reminisce on the past.

This realization has just become clear to me, mainly because my grandpa is about to turn 90-years-old in a few weeks. I have recently began thinking about all the missed opportunities I had to grow closer to my grandparents and really cherish the moments I’ve had with them in the past. Sadly, when I was younger, I dreaded the 45 minute drive out to my grandparents house to sit around and talk because as a child that never interested me. Nowadays, I am always looking forward to see them and hear their fascinating stories of their youth. As I watch more and more years tick by, it makes me upset because so much of my life has already passed. I feel like I haven’t valued the time I’ve been given with those whom I love the most. Thankfully, from this day forward, I can start taking the steps to be more grateful for the friends and family that have supported me throughout everything I’ve endured.

Senior year has been quite the roller coaster, from my severe concussion that I suffered through for multiple months to getting grounded for two months. This year has definitely has had its fair share of rough moments, but despite all the low points I wouldn’t change it for anything. RHS will definitely be missed and a place I will always remember.