BRIEF: Technology Facilitator Karen Carl wins this year’s Pino Award

BRIEF: Technology Facilitator Karen Carl wins this years Pino Award

Lauren Karmo, Staff Writer

The year’s Pino award of Excellence in Education was awarded to Karen Carl, the technology facilitator at RHS. This award is given to an RCS staff member who has improved the overall environment of the school to recognize them for their work for the district and its students.

I was quite surprised to tell you the truth,” Mrs. Carl said. “I knew that I had been nominated for the award, but that was quite a while ago and it really wasn’t on the forefront of my mind, even when they were announcing it.”

To be eligible for the award, one must be nominated by someone in the district or community, and then picked by the Foundation Committee.

“Lori Grein nominated me for the award, primarily for the work I did with and for her on the Foundation Scholarship Application,” Mrs. Carl said.

The award consists of a grant up to $1,000 to be used to improve the classroom setting, curriculum or a school facility. However Carl, being the technology facilitator, is looking for other facets to spend her money rather than on improving a classroom.

“Since I don’t have a traditional classroom, I’ll have to give it some extra thought,” Mrs. Carl said. “I have one month to submit my letter detailing how I will spend the money. I’ve got some thinking to do.”