With divorced parents, kids must plan ahead

Taylor Simmons, Staff Writer

Sophomore Christina Shepich talks about how keeping track of her things is key to living with divorced parents.

“It’s easy to lose track of your things,” Shepich said. “It’s hard when there is a surprise thing you need [for sports or school] and it’s at the other parent’s house.”

In many situations, the schedule during the school week is what can be difficult. The switching back and forth can be complicated, needing something from another house when you are there on that day.

“Yes [it can be stressful] and very hard,” Shepich said. “ Especially keeping track of everything you need to make sure you don’t leave anything at the other house.”

There is also advantages to having divorced parents too.

“You get more presents and clothes,” Shepich said. “Plus, you get two rooms.”

Sometimes being in extracurricular activities can be stressful not just about when you need certain things at one parent’s house, but also how you get it there and the rides you need if they are busy.

“Yah [it can be stressful with these arrangements] because my dad works all week and sometimes all day,” frehsman Taylor Harrison said. “So, I have to plan my rides and if I can’t get a ride, I can’t go wherever I need too.”

Freshman Sam Schumann also has divorced parents. She talks about the differences between both of her parents and how it can be conflicting.

“Both of my parents have different ways of parenting,” Schumann said. “My mom is a little irrational and is quick to tell, but my dad is really chill and will talk it out with me. My mom is super relaxed when it comes to going out, but my dad is super strict and wants to meet the parents and stuff like that.”

Each family is different. Some divorced parents get along, but some still fight.

“There are disadvantages [about divorced parents],” Harrison said. “They fight still, at least my parents do and the summer is split up weird as well. Over breaks you don’t know who you’re with and when you have to bring something from one house to another.”

It isn’t just about the school days or extracurricular activities that can be difficult. There is holidays, birthdays, dinners and just plans in general.

“Usually my parents will work it out with Christmas,” Schumann said. “I’ll go to my dad’s on Christmas Eve, then go to my mom’s around midnight and other holidays it’s usually every other year they switch.”

Sports can be very difficult with having to think of where all of your stuff is at the same time. Having to think ahead instead of just knowing it is all at one house can make you paranoid because you know it’s a necessity.

“All of it’s honestly pretty stressful,” Schumann said. “When I’m rushed and getting all my stuff to leave the house to go to the next, I’ll always forget something or when they fight and I’m in the middle of it.”

Schumann talks about the advantages of having divorced parents.

“It’s good [to live with these arrangements]  especially for if something goes wrong and you need a place to go,” Schumann said. “Also if the power goes off at one house or if you really just need one particular parents help it can be a stronger perk.”