BRIEF: Band hosts Solo and Ensemble Festival


The RHS Clarinet Choir, led by Junior Cameron Page, received a one for their performance at Solo and Ensemble. From left to right: Steven Salkowski, Liz Desment, Lauren Jakobiak, Taehoon Song, Meredith Benson, Rachel Rettie, Mala Oehlberg, Kengo Takenouchi, and Cameron Page.

Lauren Karmo, Staff Writer

Every year in January, RHS hosts the District XVI MSBOA Solo and Ensemble Festival for band students grades through 7-12.This event allows music students to perform as either a soloist or in a small group in front of a judge for a rating, the highest a one, the lowest a five.

“It’s a great experience for students because it allows them the opportunity to perform by themselves,” band director Mr. David Uhrig said. “In the everyday band class they don’t often get to highlight their solo experience. If they’re going to be involved, this makes them practice their individual playing skills, so they really have to work hard to make sure they’re prepared.”

Students from around the Detroit and Metro Detroit area come each weekend to participate in this event. This year, it was held on Jan. 16 and Jan. 30. Typically, Rochester expects a couple thousand people to come through the school.

“We have students come as far as Port Huron all the way through Troy and the Macomb area,” Mr. Uhrig said. “The school size really works out where it’s a large enough school where we can host all the district’s band students to come and play here.”

It is a tradition that RHS hosts S&E for the district, and the students love to come and participate to show off their musical skills.

“This gives students an opportunity to go on their own or in a small group. It’s a great experience for our band students,” Mr. Uhrig said. “It’s a good benefit to them to harness their individual solo skills and their small ensemble skills and really get them to improve on another level.”