Students consider the advantages and disadvantages of being in a relationship


Mahnoor Rauf, Staff Writer

As sophomore Maddie Arsenault walks through the halls of Rochester, she tries not to gag as she sees couples making out in front of her. When it comes to dating, especially in high school, people sometimes feel as if everyone around them is in a relationship. People often get the idea that they shouldn’t be single and need to start dating once they reach their teens. Arsenault, however, doesn’t follow this belief.

“I recommend a relationship to someone if they’re ready,” Arsenault said. “You can’t just jump into a relationship just because everyone else is. It takes a lot of commitment and time which you both need to take out of your day for each other.”

Arsenault is currently dating sophomore Kevin Sloan from Stoney Creek High School. She understands time management more than anyone as she and Sloan don’t get to see each other in school everyday.

“Timing is kind of hard,” Arsenault said. “Since he goes to a different school, we try to facetime every night to talk and it’s hard to fit that in our day. It’s stressful sometimes because I love Kevin, but he can’t be there for me, because we don’t see each other that often especially when I really want to talk to him.”

Sophomore Bernie Duhani also sheds some light on the subject.

“Time management is a big part of a relationship,” Duhani said. “What I see happen a lot is people breaking up, because they don’t spend enough time with each other. I’m not in a relationship right now, because that’s too stressful, it can also get boring after a while.”

Spanish teacher Ms.Beth East understands these concerns over relationships. However, she doesn’t find herself experiencing them with her boyfriend of eleven years.

“It’s not just about being in a relationship, but being in a relationship with a compatible person,” East said. “They need to enhance my life, which is why I’m not interested in anything if there’s drama and complications.”

Even problems such as time management don’t have a big factor in East’s relationship.

“Timing is never an issue, because we’re both really independent,” East said. “I’m not controlling of his time and he’s not controlling of mine. We love spending time together, but we also are cool with doing our own things. This is why it’s fine if he’s super busy, because i’m fine being alone or with my friends. We’re super independent which is why I can be in a relationship, we even sometimes go on separate vacations.”

According to East, independence is key.

“Independence is major for me, because I need it. I wouldn’t be able to date someone who’s clingy, because then I would feel suffocated. It was why I didn’t mind being single before I dated Manny. I’m an independent sort of person and I felt fine not being in a relationship.”

To East, dating is not something essential in a person’s life.  

“I loved being single, you’re fine being without a significant other if you are content with yourself,” East said. “Love is nice too, it’s nice to know you have someone that loves you, but you can also get that fulfillment from family and friends. I think sometimes women feel like they have to find a man, and that’s not true. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s not; there’s no one right way to live. I know plenty of people who are in a relationship and happy, and plenty who are in a relationship and aren’t happy.”

East further explains that being single isn’t bad at all, especially in high school.

“I hope people in high school don’t think that they have to find a boyfriend or girlfriend,” East said. “I think it’s part of nature and growing up. If it happens–great, but if it doesn’t, oh well. It’s not something worth being upset over. Relationships in high school are young, but I respect them. I know you can fall in love if you’re as young as 14 just like you can when you’re 40. Love is love, doesn’t matter how old you are.”