Donald Trump’s success says a lot about the U.S.


Julia Labban

Along his campaign trail, the U.S. has watched Donald Trump endlessly spew hateful comments towards certain groups and current candidates. His racist, sexist, and overall bigoted statements should be causing a total uproar. Horrifically, Trump has gained support after releasing these statements, revealing the true hatred that fills this country’s people. The encouragement Trump has received shows how ignorant and malicious the U.S. population can be.

Donald Trump is blatantly racist. His comments on Syrian refugees, Mexican immigrants, and the Black Lives Matter community make his opinions clear, and somehow, there are people who aren’t appalled by what he’s said. He panders to the conservative white man by voicing the hostile opinions that they are afraid to express. He is slowly normalizing the concept of white supremacy and fueling the prejudiced individuals of the nation. The fact that people accept his implications that all Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers, all refugees are terrorists, and Black Lives Matter activists deserved to be beaten shows that America’s racist ideas still haven’t been eliminated.

Trump is also clearly sexist. He childishly attacks women’s appearances when he can’t make a relevant statement, he was somehow offended that Hillary Clinton is a human that uses a restroom, and he called a woman disgusting for wanting to pump breast milk for her baby. The list goes on and on, but for some reason, people across the country still support him, including women. The patriarchal society that the U.S. has been nursing for years could set this country back years if Trump is elected. Instead of moving forward, America would been putting a flat-out sexist in office, and people don’t seem to care. It’s a wonder that women support him. Somehow his “success in business” overshadows his unabashed sexism. The support for Trump demonstrates how misogyny is alive and well in the U.S.

Lastly, Donald Trump is just ignorant overall. He claims that vaccines cause autism, a giant wall will fix immigration problems, and made speculations about President Obama’s religion. It has been proven that vaccines have nothing to do with autism and yet Donald Trump still argues that modern medicine would risk the mental health of a child to give them a vaccine. His response to immigration is hilarious: Just build a giant wall. Rather than having a cohesive strategy, he babbles on about a “great, great wall.” Trump’s accusations towards Obama show how determined he is to put others down to make himself seem superior. Trump has suggested that if Obama is Muslim, he might not be faithful to the country he governs. This ridiculous notion has been one of Trump’s most famous involvements. Through all of these statements, the people of this nation have supported Donald Trump. Maybe if someone kicks and screams about and issue enough, people start to believe them. They trusted Trump over medical experts, had faith in his “great wall” and listened to his derogatory statements about the President. As Trump continues to campaign, the ignorance of  America’s people is further revealed.

Some would argue that people support Trump because they like his strong attitude, but it doesn’t mean anything if he spews hatred and ignorance. People support Trump because he says all of the disgusting things that they are afraid to utter themselves. The racists, sexists, and bigots of America finally have a voice that they think should be President. The population isn’t stupid enough to just follow people blindly. Trump supporters are being given a reason to think that their vile ideologies are permissible, and they have been brought to light by his statements.

Trump’s supporters are ignorant human beings that agree with his hateful statements. The support he has received shows that Americans are still living in the past and cannot progress past their repugnant ideas. The racism, sexism, and bigotry in the U.S. has failed to disappear at this point in time and that is why Trump has so much support.