BRIEF: Oakland Technical Schools allow students to expand studies in Culinary Arts


Ninotchka Valdez, Editor-in-Chief

Junior Camiah Tutsone is just one of the many students who attend classes for part of the day at Oakland Technical Schools. She has undertaken a program called Culinary Arts and Hospitality where students will study areas involving food preparation, culinary services and travel and tourism.

Tutsone describes how she came upon the decision to take the class, and the process she had to go through in order to do it.

“I had to submit an application form and was chosen to be a student. It was a super easy deal,” Tutstone said. “I decided on Culinary Arts and Hospitality because I’ve always loved to cook, but at OSTC, it’s a higher level of cooking. They show you how to do the basic things correctly and make you learn the science and terminology behind the art.”

She also explains how she feels about the program so far.

“I’m actually enjoying it so much,” Tutsone said. “The head chefs are always willing to help you expand your mind whether it be trying new foods or using new ways to create an all time favorite.”