Football playoff predictions include Clemson, Oklahoma, Alabama and Michigan State


Christian Fend, Staff Writer

As the regular season for college football comes to a close many fans will anxiously await what their team’s fate is. This enthralling process for playoff berths and bowl selections leaves thousands anxiously awaiting this event. There are few fan bases who are much more anxious as a playoff appearance may be possible. However, at this point the most likely teams to make an appearance in the college playoff include: Clemson, Oklahoma, Alabama and Michigan State.  

Clemson will enter the ACC title game as the top rated team in the CFP ratings against South Carolina.  The Tigers have been a force to reckon with all season, they are undefeated against all opponents and look as a shoe in for a spot in the playoff. Although it is possible that a loss against South Carolina in the title game could see them overtaken it unlikely for two reasons. One being that Clemson is in a form that makes it unlikely that they will lose, and two being that even with a loss against South Carolina they will still probably be awarded a spot based on their spotless season.

Oklahoma is almost guaranteed a spot in the playoff at this point. The Sooners had an almost perfect season finishing 11-1 only faltering with a loss to Texas. Oklahoma is currently No.3 in the CFP rankings, and there is pretty much no way for them not to be included in the playoff, the real question is what seed they will be awarded.

As long as Alabama can win the SEC title game against Florida they will surely be featured in the College Playoff. The Crimson Tide are currently NO.2 in the CFB rankings finishing their season 12-1. Alabama looks unlikely to lose as their offense is currently firing on all cylinders, and with a win they are guaranteed a playoff berth.

Michigan State is the biggest question mark as to whether or not they will take part in the Playoff. However, with close wins against top Big Ten opponents Ohio State and Michigan they have been awarded a spot in the Big Ten Championship against undefeated Iowa. The Spartans are currently No.5 in the CFP rankings finishing 12-1 with a tough loss to Nebraska. As long as State can get a win against Iowa they will be featured in the college playoff, it will be a winner takes all game. It will be close, however it seems likely that the Spartans will emerge triumphant with Senior Quarterback Conner Cook leading the offense.