Cracium participates in fencing on a national level

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Austin Remick, Staff Writer

When we think of the athletic teams at RHS, sports like football and basketball come to mind for most of us. However, sophomore Claire Cracium has an unusual, but just as enjoyable favorite sport: fencing.

“I have been fencing for four years,” Cracium said.  “I wanted to be a pirate when I was little so my grandma showed me fencing online and from then on I wanted to start.”

Not only does she enjoy fencing, but she believes that her talent can possibly take her to more competitive levels after she finishes high school.

“I plan to fence in college and maybe continue after college depending on how well I am ranked nationally,” Cracium said.  “But it all depends on what I want to do for a job or go to school for, which I don’t know yet.”

Rochester High School offers over a dozen competitive athletic teams for its many student athletes. Cracium is entertained by the thought of a fencing program being added to the many sports that are available, despite the high cost.

“The gear and equipment that you need for fencing is very pricey,” Cracium admitted.  “I’m not sure how a public school would handle it, but I would totally encourage having a fencing program at school.”