Student shares thoughts during unexpected power outage

Ed Grijalva, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Nov. 19,  what seemed like a normal school day suddenly took a dark turn when the power went out right before the end of fifth hour. This created waves of excitement among the student body because they thought  it meant an early dismissal, however, this was not meant to be.

“I feel like it’s not right though when you think about it,” said senior Luke Schira during the power outage.  “We’re not safe here, the power is out and not coming back on, let us leave. We’re just in this room stuck like trapped rats.”

Students patiently waited and waited for the announcement of dismissal, but it never came. For Schira, he shared a feeling of disappointment shared amongst many other students.

“I got excited when the power went out because you always hear these rumors that you get to go home if this happens,” said Schira. “But I guess that’s not real anymore.”

While students were disgruntled at the events that had happened, they essentially had a free hour during school and found ways to entertain themselves.

“I’ve honestly just been checking my Twitter,” said Schira. “People have some good jokes about what’s going on right now; it’s keeping me entertained. It’s the only thing that’s real right now.”