Downtown Lights


Taylor Simmons

Big Bright Light Show

Taylor Simmons, Staff Writer

It was opening night of the Big Bright Lights show and there were hundreds of people out on the streets. Everyone was in their winter jacket and gloves with a hot drink in hand. While everyone was on their way to go see Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, the streets were so packed that no one could walk. While I was hearing the count down on the speakers all across the city blocks, it finally hit 7:00 PM and the bright lights lit up all of downtown.

While I was walking on the crowded sidewalks, there was Christmas music all around along with carolers walking up and down the streets. It was packed but, the lights were too mesmerizing to notice. This year is the 10th year of the Big Bright Lights show, and all of the people were enjoying the festivities occurring.

While I walking around the lit up streets, there are also so many other things everyone could do. One can go visit Santa Claus, admire all of the decorated stores or go and sing along to all of the music blaring through the streets. Every year the city adds more and more lights to the buildings, and each year it’s more breath taking. Not only were the streets swarming with people, but even the stores and restaurants were packed with people from all cities. Families were having dinner, couples were drinking coffee, and groups of friends were shopping on the cold night while observing the view.

On one of the packed streets, little kids were full of amazement in their eyes while seeing Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus up on the big stage. Over the speakers spread in front of all of the stores, you could listen to Santa talking about Christmas coming up. The children would sing along with him the whole time before the town was glowing with Christmas lights.

However, there are times during the light show where it can get overwhelming. There are so many cars and so many people. The music almost sounded like it was getting louder, but I started to enjoy it when I realized it only made the mood better. Towards the end of the show, less people were there so everyone could enjoy their time walking the streets.

The show itself was indescribable. Every year more people come and there is always more to see. This is now my third year in a row going to the Big Bright Lights show, and it was still unbelievable.