Technology is ruining children


Sophomore Patrick Jordan

Patrick Jordan, Guest Writer

Technology has been advancing greatly in the past few decades. People everywhere use it every day, including young children. However, with this new technology, kids and teens have become too dependent. In fact, parents, guardians and teachers are noticing teens spend almost all of their free time on phones. This is just one thing teens are doing that is ruining their childhood. In this new age, modern culture and the shift to all things digital is ruining childhood.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, children spend more hours on various electronics than they spend in school. There are many electronic activities to waste children’s time. Such things include: social media, television, video games, youtube, and other forms of online media. Therefore, it is proven that children and teens spend too much time on electronics instead of learning.

Also, Joel Bakan who published an article in the New York Times stated that when he sits with his teens it’s like “they are a million miles away.” Joel’s kids spend so much time on their phones, it’s almost as if the person has been deleted from the world. There is no purpose in spending time with one’s family if he or she does it on your phone. In short, teenagers and children are too distracted with technology to spend time with their families.

In addition, teens don’t go out with their friends anymore. Instead, there is social media as a replacement. It is way easier just to text friends than to go out and meet them, so teens aren’t as active anymore. Without these social interactions, children and teens have became more socially awkward as a result. Basically, technology has made it so children and teens don’t experience regular interactions with other people.

Some would say that children benefit more for learning from this new technology. This can be true, but it also allows kids to look at inappropriate knowledge or content. Some could also say that it’s a good thing that kids and teens are getting involved in the world. However, that just makes it easier for people to find out about them and their personal information.

In conclusion, children and teens are being corrupted by modern culture and technology. To help stop this, parents should censor their child’s phone or encourage them to turn off their devices and be more active. If everyone put their phones down and got out to exercise and be lively, childhood can be saved.