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Trump stares solemnly debating his next move.

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As Sophomore Kenny Sokoli watches the GOP debate for the presidency of 2016 his eyes are keen on Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump as he could possibly be the future Commander in Chief of the United States.

Currently Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump is up 10.5 percent on the nearest competitor in the Grand Old Party, which is more commonly known as the GOP. This has sparked a lot of debate questioning his ambitious style of debate and whether or not he would be best suited for the Oval Office.

“Trump would be a good president,” Sokoli said. “He is willing to say what he believes and speak his mind.”

Sokoli says he likes Trump’s fearless, outgoing nature.

“I think it is a good thing,” Sokoli said. “Trump is willing to do what it takes even if it makes him look like a hothead.”

Others are not impressed with Donald Trump and his zealous approach.

“Trump is rash and disrespectful when addressing other candidates,” practical law teacher Mrs. Christina Bettes said. “He never gives the people a straight answer and generally dodges the question all together.”

AP U.S. History teacher Mr. Chad Zwolinski says he’d be concerned about certain aspects of the presidency with Donald Trump at the helm.

“If someone like Trump were to say get his hands on the nuclear codes … looking at his personality I would be fearful,” Mr. Zwolinski said. “You just don’t know what he will do.”

Sokoli says his unpredictability is part of what makes him a strong candidate.

“The United States needs a figure of power, someone that other nations would fear and question attacking,” Sokoli said. “With someone like this in office during September 11, 2001 there may not have been an attack on the U.S.”

One of Sokoli’s reasons for supporting Trump is because of Trump’s stance on immigration, but Mr. Zwolinski says it might be a more complicated issue.

“Trump believes building a wall will fix immigration at the border?” Mr. Zwolinski said. “Even if this does somehow work he also says he can convince the Mexicans to pay for it, something that seems pretty much impossible.”

Mr. Zwolinski said Trump’s approach is interesting.

“Trump would be an interesting president,” Mr. Zwolinski said. “I can’t predict whether or not he would be too aggressive or if that’s something the nation needs.”