Donald Trump receives mixed reviews on his quest for the Oval Office


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“What I say is what I say. And honestly, Megyn if you don’t like it, I’m sorry,” Donald Trump said to Megyn Kelly at the first GOP debate on Aug. 15, 2015. “I’ve been very nice to you although I could probably not be based on the way you have treated me, but I wouldn’t do that.”

Many think this quote is too harsh, but according to recent polls, Trump has to be doing something right. The Republicans are trying to pull out their best candidate to win against the democrats for the 2016 election in November and Trump seems to be at the top.

Trump is criticized by many on social media for being too hot headed and irrational, but some people such as athletic director Mr. Luke Beach enjoy his straight-forwardness.

“If you look at the other candidates right now, it is kind of the same old bag with the same old story,” Mr. Beach said. “Everybody plays the game of politics and if you look at Trump and democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, you will see that those two guys are going against the grain.”

Junior Hamza Kaakarli agrees that Donald Trump is a new type of candidate.

“Donald Trump provides a fresh face to politics and charisma that no other candidate possesses,” Kaarkarli says.

Senior Matt Thiessen agrees, but expands on what age group of people Trump appeals too.

“I think people, especially older people, like Donald Trump because they are done with the same old stuff,” Thiessen said. “Donald Trump stirs up the pot and he assures that he won’t be like past politicians.”

Many agree that Trump appeals to voters, but many such as Thiessen believe his actual political ideology is not right.

“Other than the idea of building a wall, Donald Trump is one of those candidates that comes out too strong with his political goals,” Thiessen said.”He says stuff that likely will not happen.”

Kaakarli agrees that Trump’s ideas are skewed.

“He wants to run America like his businesses,” Kaarkarli said. “America is much more than a business.”

Mr. Luke Beach, on the other hand, believes Trump’s ideas are important to bring America back

“Trump talks about important topics such as the middle class and how it is disappearing and how he plans on bringing it back,” Mr. Beach said. “He is talking about student loan debt, you use to be able to pay for college education with a summer job, but now you have to go into massive debt to get your college degree and then you have to get your first job to pay off your college debt.”

Even though Mr. Beach has been able to see positives in Trump, he still is looking forward to see what other candidates such as Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders offer in the upcoming debates.

“I am excited to see the Democrat’s debate,” Mr. Beach said.  “Obviously there is Hillary Clinton, but I am excited to see what Bernie Sanders has to say. I think Bernie is the Donald Trump of the Democrats and I think those two are the most intriguing candidates because they are talking about relevant topics for all Americans.”

Matt Thiessen on the other hand is more fond of Republican candidate Chris Christie.

“I like his straight-forwardness and brutally honest character like Trump,” Thiessen said. “But he differs from Trump in the way that he is not hot-headed and does not say stuff that could hurt the good reputation of a U.S. president.”

Kaarkarli says he is not impressed with any of the candidates.

“I honestly do not like any of the candidates for presidency,” Kaarkarli said. “But if I had to choose one I would choose Rand Paul because he attacks the Patriot Act and defends the Constitution.”